We are here to make e-commerce better

We're a team of +20 programmers, salespeople, marketers and engineers based in Copenhagen, Denmark passionate for making e-commerce better for consumers and business.

Who We Are

Clerk.io is a Danish tech start-up based in Copenhagen. We are not a top down business run by investors in suits. We are a collective of e-tailers, startups and entrepreneurs wanting to make e-commerce better for consumers and businesses. We build e-commerce software, and our customers have made more than $150 mio. (still counting), from using Clerk.io software.

Clerk.io is software add-ons for webshops. Clerk.io makes online stores sell more and grow faster. By providing webshops with an intelligent search engine, individualized product recommendations and relevant email content, it increases conversion rate, average basket size, and the total order value. It provides a tool that can increase annual webshop revenue by 7-11%. Simple, yet powerful.

Clerk.io software is constantly evolving and can be scaled to the precise needs of any webshop. Our platform, along with our services and team, help people make e-commerce a huge part of business success.

Meet The Team

Meet the passionate team behind Clerk.io


Jonas Larsen Team Leader
Ali Anber Sales Executive
Felix Rasmussen Sales Associate
Oktay Gezgin Sales Associate

United Kingdom

Samuel Killworth Sales Executive
Darren Stewart Sales Executive
Christopher James Sales Associate
Nikolett Nyúl Sales Associate
Hamish Jenkin Sales Associate
Rachel Kador Sales Associate


Amrit Gill Sales Executive
Nimrod Vos Sales Executive


Lisa Liberio Team Leader
Giulia Del Pero Sales Associate
Gianluca Zanin Sales Associate
Luca Giulio Dalla Ca' di Dio Sales Associate
Marco Meschini Sales Associate
Simona Pagnotta Sales Intern


Olivier Amann Team Leader
Isabelle Aristidou E-commerce Expert

The Rest Of The Awesome Team

Stefan Olsen Customer Success
Jacob Møller Customer Success
Martin Bodker Fritzen People & Culture
Anita Bodnar Recruiting & Training
Camilla Damkær Administration
Dachi Mchedlishvili Sales Analyst
Jonas Brunsgaard Cloud Engineer
Laurids Gissel Head of Marketing
Mathies Astrup Head of Sales
Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard CEO & Founder

The Clerk.io HQ

The Clerk.io HQ is located in the heart of Copenhagen.
We do always have a good cup of coffee ready if you are in the area.

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