Customer Success Stories: BON'A PARTE

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How BON'A PARTE increased their average order value by 10% in less than 14 days.

The Problem
BON'A PARTE was looking to increase their automated revenue with their existing software, but realised, that the personalised recommendation software available for their Magento shop wasn't sufficient. Moreover, knowing that recommendations could create a fair amount of extra revenue, they wanted a solution up and running quickly.

The Solution
The turning point in BON'A PARTEs research for a recommendations supplier was the outlook for “up-and-running-in-no-time” and very low test-fees, making Clerk the perfect candidate and a very low-risk test-case. With Clerks intelligent software, no previous data was needed and cold-start problems were nowhere to be found. The Clerk recommendation boxes on the website started showing very relevant recommendations after 24 hours, with no interference on the exisiting performance, making BON'A PARTE sure that they could do a full roll-out immediately.

The Results
Today, BON'A PARTE is spending 0 hours on maintaining recommendations and are happy clients, with Clerk Ecommerce Search and Product Recommendation running on all national webshops.

BON'A PARTE is a international Danish fashion brand that has existed since 1987 and are operating throughout Europe.

Industry: Fashion
No. of employees: +250
Previous Solution: Magento Plugin customer since: February 2014

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