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How Unisport boosted their revenue from recommendations by 140%

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The Problem
Back in 2011 Unisport was already using a recommendations supplier - at that time Europe's largest, but realised that they often had to manually override the system, as it wasn’t always responding - and sometimes gave bad recommendations. This made them spend a lot of time on something that was sold as automatic.

The Solution
With Hans-Kristians background as Unisports first developer, he quickly identified the problems and started working on what today is Clerks first product - “Product Recommendations”. The goal was clear - build a recommendation software that is quick, 100% automatic, always responding and with a built-in goal of becoming the software delivering the best recommendations across the competition.

The Results
Using Unisports data, the software was quickly built and before being rolled out officially, Unisport tested it against their existing supplier over a period of 3 months. Not only did they realise that the product in fact was 100% automatic, leaving them with not having to use any money on maintenance, it beat their existing recommendations supplier with a staggering 140% moneywise. It’s needless to say - but we’ll do it anyway, Unisport has now been with is for 4 years and is still very satisfied with the results we are bringing them.

Unisport is one of the largest online retailers of football products in Europe.

Industry: Football / Soccer
No. of employees: +100
Previous Solution: Avail customer since: September 2011

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