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An eBook on making your eCommerce store sell actively to your customers.

Quality is King!

Imagine walking into an apparel store to buy a shirt. You quickly get confused about the layout of the store so you ask a sales assistant to save time. No luck. He is not sure whether the store even sells the brand of shirt you are looking for.

Well, you’re here now, so you decide to keep looking a little while longer. Finally you manage to find a different shirt that you like. The sales assistant then looks you up and suggests that you also buy this kids-sized polo he found for you.

Now, do you leave the shop wanting to return? Do you even proceed to buy the shirt or do you go elsewhere?

These questions are essential when running a business — no matter whether you’re opening up a physical store down the street or starting an online business. When you wish to conquer the world with your eCommerce store, you simply need to give your customers a smooth shopping experience.

The following six chapters will walk you through every step of designing a succesful eCommerce store that sells by making your customers feel appreciated and serviced. You will get best practices on creating a design for your webshop from front page to check-out that increases your revenue and customer retention.


  1. Quality is King!
  2. The front page
  3. The search engine
  4. The category page
  5. The product page
  6. Add to basket step
  7. Check-out offers

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Laurids Gissel

Laurids has a first hand experience in what it takes to run a successful eCommerce business from his years at Unisport.

He is our expert on boosting online sales and shares his best practices, recent trends and inspiring cases from the eCommerce world with you via’s e-books and blog feed.

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