Use email flows to increase customer retention

An eBook on how to keep your existing customers coming back to your store.

Hello there, old friend

Returning customers are the bread and butter of your eCommerce store.

In fact, you have as much as 70% probability of selling to a returning customer and no more than 2-10% probability of selling to a newcomer.

However, if you run an averaged-sized eCommerce store, chances are that up to 90% of your customers will leave and never return. Even for the heavyweights of the eCommerce business, we’re talking 50/50 — at best.

...And for every lost customer, your eCommerce store misses out on an average revenue of $243...

This makes email retention an important part of your job when running a successful eCommerce store. Well-crafted, strategic email flows that nurse and build strong relationships with your customers are central to increasing the revenue of your online business.

In the following chapters you will get best practices on how to create personal email flows that retain more customers and increase the revenue of your eCommerce store.

The following will be tailored to suit a webshop that engages its customers regularly. But the guide is also extremely relevant for you if you wish to adopt a slightly less aggressive style for your eCommerce store. Just pick and choose from the tools below and apply them in a dosage that suits the mentality of your online business.

Still, you are advised to consult the applicable marketing laws before adopting some of the more aggressive strategies presented in this book, such as the abandoned cart emails and returning customer emails.


  1. Hello there, old friend
  2. The right approach
  3. The good old newsletter
  4. Abandoned cart emails
  5. Completed order emails
  6. Returning customer emails

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