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Guaranteed return on investment! We create great results every day! We are so confident that we give you a guarantee of minimum 20x ROI.
We'll always be there to help you succeed! With a typical response time of only 37 seconds on chat and phone and less than 3 minutes on email we are always available when you need us.
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Our sales based search engine for online stores where 83% of consumers find their desired product in the top 5 results.

Monthly Searches:

Our fully automated product recommendation engine that make impacted customers buy 45% more products.

Monthly Recommendations:

Our automated sales engine to get your customers back soon with an up to 300% increase in email conversions.

Monthly Emails:

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  • Unlimited free support for you and your developers.
  • Getting started service that gets you up and running in hours.
  • Ongoing and proactive counseling on how to use our products to always be ahead of your competition.

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We create great results every day!
We are so confident that we give you a guarantee of minimum 20x ROI.

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"I can highly recommend's search functionality. Super easy to get started with and it just works!"
Simon Elkjær Partner,
"During a 3-month A/B-splittest, beat our previous vendor by 143% in additional revenue from recommendations!"
Filip Domagala CEO,
"Clerk was easy to set up and the financial performance has been outstanding. I would recommend every e-Tailer to give it a try!"
Michael Thingmand e-Tailer,

"Great service, great product and results that I can measure. I go as far as to say that e-Tailers that do not personalize are loosing."
Anders Riedel Partner,
"Switching to immediately raised our conversions from onsite search. Great service and has become an integrated part of our business."
Jesper Hvejsel Founder and Group CEO, Firtal Group
"A/B-testing shows that emails with recommendations has a 32% higher click-through-rate!"
Nils Træholt Director & Owner,


Do I need to pay for a year up front?
Yes. is billed annually by default. We've found that customers who commit to a full year are better at using and get much better results. And since your long-term success is our goal, we want to encourage those practices that support that goal. Bottom line: Annual contracts make happier customers. And we want you to be happy.
How does the 20x ROI guarantee work?
It's pretty simple: We know how well works so if you follow our best practice and don't get your money back at least 20 times we will refund you so you still reach a 20x ROI. Eg. if you pay €10,000 for a year of and use our best practices but only get €180,000 in Sales through well refund you €1,000 since (€10,000 - €1,000) * 20 = €180,000. But our customers get a ROI way above 20 so that should not happen :-)
Can i run multiple stores?
Yes. In fact many of our clients do that. Your plan is based on the combined usage on all of your sites so we don't charge you for having additional sites. Actually it's beneficial since you get a lower unit cost price.
How can i see how is performing?
From day one you will have access to our dashboard which drills down not only how much is sold through but also how we affect your key KPIs such as Basket Size, Avg. Order Value and Conversion Rate. Want to see it in action? Use 30 seconds to book a demo.
What if I go over my plan limits?
If you exceed your current usage limit you will receive a polite email from us asking you to upgrade. That's it. Your shop will continue to function as normal, you will still be able to access your account and all your data will still be available to you.
Where can I review the terms of service?
You can read the complete Terms of Service here.

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