Personalized Recommendations

Increase your average order value and profitability by making it easier for you customers to discover the products they didn’t know you had.

Give each customer the best experience

Don’t treat all your customers like they were the same person. Instead give them a uniquely tailored shopping experience. This not only increases your chances of converting them right now but also increases the chances that they become loyal customers.

Sell products you didn’t sell before Your customers don’t know all the great products you sell. Showing the right products to the right customer helps them discover products uniquely relevant to them and make you sell more of your niche products.
Make your customers sell to each other Your customers trust other customers and by making their choices visible they will also trust you.
Get instant results Don't wait on a slow recommendation engine that takes weeks to get up to speed. Our next generation algorithms gives you top performing recommendations instantly.
Craft your own unique recommendations Clerk comes preloaded with all the most popular recommendation types but we also enable you to easily create recommendations that are unique for your business.

Our Product Recommendations in Numbers


The average increase in unique products for orders with recommendations.


The typical increase in average order value for orders with recommendations.


The average response time for a recommendation result.
"Great service, great product and results that I can measure. I go as far as to say that E-tailers that do not personalize are loosing." Anders Riedel Partner at

A ton of options

You have a business to manage and should not waste time tweaking a recommendation engine. Clerk's personalized recommendations are build on machine learning algorithms that constantly optimize them self to always give you the highest conversions and most sales.

Product Cross Selling Recommends other products that a customer may buy with the current product.
Product Up-Selling Recommends other more expensive products that a customer may buy instead of the current product.
Cart Cross Selling Recommends other products that a customer may buy based on their shopping basket.
Browsing History Recommends products based on the visitors click- and browsing history.
Sales History Recommends products based on a customers previous order history.
Category Popular Helps customers find what they want by presenting the most popular products in categories.
Most Popular Products Inspires customers by presenting what the most popular products are right now.
Trending Products Inspires returning customers with trending products.
Currently Viewed Inspires returning customers with the products other customers are looking at right now.

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